Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

This debut EP is a completely explorative collaboration between two very talented musicians. “Only Bodies” teases with the digital qualities of electronic music, adding its own personality through subtle nuances of Trip-Hop and Dream Pop. OUT NOW!

What’s going on guys, welcome back! It’s your music explorer, MadZen, and today we have a very, very interesting debut EP brought to us by a pair of USA musicians. This EP holds a very mysterious eloquence, as well as an almost obscure elegance. Does that make sense? Let’s get to it!

Only Bodies is the musical child of A.M. Weir and KV Sewell, two musicians who first crossed paths back in 2011 while playing together in a six-member college band. Eventually the band broke up, but these two were determined to stick together and create music. After a long process of adaptation to the digital music production, as well as dealing with their own personal conflicts, the NYC/CHS duo is now ready to show the world what they’re all about.

Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty.” – Only Bodies

Only Bodies” is their brand-new three-track debut EP. Created to explore the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love, this music is not like anything else you’ve listened to. All three tracks have such an amount of depth and substance to them that it almost feels scholar-like. A wonderful achievement and a very intriguing musical experience indeed.

We begin with “Salved“, an “almost” trip-hop track that reminded me of Portishead or Massive Attack thanks to its dark qualities and quasi-somber atmosphere. Digital synths, delayed bells, minimal percussion and ethereal vocals are the protagonists of this track, and the whole EP as well. Lyrically I would describe it as intellectual with a healthy dose of despair.

Our name was inspired by lyrics from one of our first collaborations, a song called “Pressed”, which is now lost to digital decay – “We don’t have bodies, we are only bodies” – Only Bodies

We move on to “Sleepy“, a song that could qualify as a lyrical mashup of two classics: Mr Sandman and Tainted Love. Adding their own twist to the legendary lyrics, Only Bodies crafted their own timeless classic with such elegance, very pleasing to the ear. Of course, the track holds its own originality, but its the addition of these super popular references that make this song stand out.

The EP closes with “Hard To Know“, a song initially titled “Modern Prometheus”, as a reference to the alternate title for Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, inspired by the patchwork production of the track. Subtle bells, cellos, and humming vocals make the entrance, as the mystifying verses appear and grow with a fine-drawn dynamic, closing with a Lo-Fi recording of a spoken word final verse.

But for real guys, this is a very interesting EP and you really should give it a listen. Only Bodies are currently working on more music, so that’s exciting!


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