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A dark atmosphere engulfs us. The sun is at its peak, as we travel through the desert. An unknown journey awaits us in V/Terpan’s brand-new release Sun, an electronic rock EP that broods personality and style. It is a metaphoric adventure that reflects about love in every possible way, transforming its own soundscape to take guide us through every variant of it: hot, cold, close and distant. V/Terpan has crafted a marvelous EP which expands his sound in an exciting fashion.

V/Terpan is a Greek, London-based composer that has been active since 2019. Having released different singles and the EP When The Poems Gave Us Life in 2020, Sun is his newest release. The five track EP is an expansion of his usual style (an 80’s synth sound) to experiment with a darker, more lyrical tone of an electronical darkwave. He expands his arsenal by including pianos and guitars into his instruments, as well as by toning his voice to match the atmosphere, without losing what makes his music so special. Sun is inspired by bands such as Muse, The Doors, Queens of The Stone Age, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and a touch of Rammstein.

Something about the EP: It was mostly inspired during the pandemic but came in shape in 2021. I believe it is my most mature work so far both lyrically and musically and the one that is the closest to my personal music taste. It was mixed by Massimo Paramour whom I trusted for all my music so far. Those who haven’t listened to my music can always expect a mixture of genres. I love 80’s and 90’s pop as much as I love alternative rock, hard rock and metal and this is clearly reflected on my work. I expect my future projects to be on the heavier side but you never know…I always like playing with synths. -V/Terpan

Since the first moments of the EP, V/Terpan creates an atmosphere that he maintains throughout its entire duration. What amazes us of Sun is how this atmosphere has an innate range that is able to cover distinct emotions and ideas of what love is, achieved by the combination of instruments and harmonies and the subtle transformation of the vocals. V/Terpan creates and manages a harmonic/thematic tension that gives cohesion to the EP. It may be dark and direct as in “Sun” or tender and emotional as in “Until The End“. Nevertheless, it is always expressive in a unique way, particularly with how the vocals blend with the synths to transmit emotion, such as how they join together in “Let The Music Play“, or how he achieves to make his instruments express human-like emotions, such as the “screaming” guitars in “My Sorrow“. Each element perfectly captures the mood and transforms: “The Path” becomes a majestic anthem a later into a reflection about vulnerability. V/Terpan takes us through a voyage of emotion.

Sun represents an exciting new direction for the music of V/Terpan. It is a dark and extremely emotional album where vocals, lyrics, and instruments create a new testament of how it is to feel love, represented in a way rarely seen nowadays.

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  1. Lovin this piece. Hear a ton of those influences in here as well, some new wave, some industrial, very cool.

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