Kaisa Rya “Rough”

Now that it’s October and the weather gets colder in many places, including where I am, the desire for another person’s presence grows. And when the energy happens to flow, that brings along many other, more specific desires. Those in particular usually remain hidden and unspoken, but not in the case of this new single you’re about to hear!

The mood gets really frisky in Kaisa Rya’s new song, appropriately titled “Rough“. Naughty synth melodies, strong beat and vocoder-infused vocals spin up a mood that’s best described as very straight-forward and absolutely not shy. This rocking tune is an anthem for self-love and speaking out what you really want – the key to real connection is communication after all. The bold funky electropop sparks of sheer self-knowing desire, the squared synthpop vibe also paints a strong image of pleasure-filled theatre-inspired world that is not shying away from showing the deepest and most hidden desires.

“I still remember the first time I worked on “Rough”. I was on the train to Munich for an acting job and I thought of my boyfriend and how nice it would be to be together now and that it doesn’t matter how – as long as I feel his touch. I typed the melody for the first lines into a sheet music program and was totally motivated to continue writing when the person sitting next to me asked how the program works and what I was doing. Don’t get me wrong – the guy was very nice! But the song would have been finished sooner if I had been allowed to continue working.”

Kaisa Rya

Kaisa Rya, the musical alias for the German creative Aylin Ejder, spreads the messages of self-worth and -confidence in her strong-boned synthpop sound. Inspired by artists like Bruno Mars and how he has abandoned being boxed in a specific type of sound, Kaisa Rya seeks to do the same, and hearing how she effortlessly blends elements from all over the place into her own distinct sound, one can definitely tell she’s successful at it.

Rough” is out now on your favourite platform!

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