Constanza Herrero “Crossing Words”

Broken, feeling unwanted and not enough, still caring, but knowing full well they are not cared about anymore. This is the story of a post-breakup heart trying its best to move on through the sticking sadness and cross the street in an attempt to leave this all behind.

This is what Constanza Herrero’s newest single is about. The Australian-Chilean singer-songwriter speaks of heartbreak using the gentle minimal indie pop ballad format using symbolic elements like the traffic lights that depict the emotional availability of the other person. During the writing of this single, the artist was in that very situation herself, and as the song progresses, you can feel the slow, but deliberate move forward the resolution. The sadness and despair may feel eternal, but in the end, she will no longer be there as a lover left behind. Even if the light is now green, she now turns away and moves on along her own path.

“I was there when I wrote that song. And though today I am no longer in that place, my heart will always be close to the broken hearted. I hope to offer comfort to anyone who is experiencing an extended dark time after their breakup. I want them to know they are not alone but above all I want them to know that there is hope. You can heal.”

Constanza Herrero

This single is accompanied by a music video that was just released overnight. Echoing the somber feelings present in the song, the one cut lyric video takes us for a walk along the empty LA streets, seemingly aimlessly onwards into the dusk. There are traffic lights passing by – the clear signal for when to cross the streets becomes confusing and painful when it’s a partner being warm and suddenly switching to cold. But like the song itself, the video soon ignores even the green lights and moves along the sidewalk, leaving behind those mixed feelings.

“Crossing Words” is one of many close-to-heart relevant stories Constanza Herrero has turned into music. When asked, what making music is for her, the eclectic singer-songwriter’s answer is to heal by sharing “my fears and hardest experiences in life, and my passion to offer hope and value through song“.

“I want my listeners to be encouraged and feel that someone is with them when they are going through trials. I want to point them to something greater than my music. I am only an instrument using my art to serve others.”

Constanza Herrero

Crossing Words” is out now on your favourite platforms!

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