Robbie Rapids on captivating news single “Jasmine Girl”

The Georgia Alt-Rocker better known as Robbie Rapids has just released the fifth single of his 2022 catalog on September 18th, titled “Jasmine Girl.” This is the latest of Rapids’ work since his resuscitation of rock music with “Rock Ain’t Dead” back in August. As with “Who Shot Them Down” and “April’s Gonna Rain,” Rapids is again teamed up with the seasoned, award-winning producer David Levene (a talented musician in his own right and former member of the band Lahonia).

In contrast to the upbeat and raucous predecessors, “Jasmine Girl” is more of a ballad-like song musically. Lyrically, the Atlanta-based songwriter takes an introspective approach similar to that he took in “April’s Gonna Rain,” but with this song, an even more personal experience in nature.

Where Rapids was a longing confidant in “April’s Gonna Rain,” he is at the epicenter of the heartbreak here in “Jasmine’s Girl.” He tells the story of a couple whose series of small arguments culminate into a big and dreadful breakup. To the point where the storyteller has been cut off from knowing where their partner is at any given time, where she went, or how to even contact her.

Moreover, the storyteller’s stubbornness overrides their true feelings of actually wanting the other person back. There’s a line in the song that is literal to Rapids’ somber and dramatic experience: “You only come around just to do your laundry.”

“She’d come back to the house in secret when I was at work for a few weeks to do laundry etc. while getting resettled.  This song is my perspective and written during this difficult time of my life.  The song was never fully finished until the pandemic gave me lots of time to work on original songs and really start digging through old memories.”

Robbie Rapids on “Jasmine Girl”

The song arrangement is tastefully rooted in jazzy rim clicks on the snare, strummed acoustic guitar, and moody reverberated electric guitar during the verses. Moving the song along dynamically are a couple of classic rock-sounding guitar leads. Some licks sound like they might have been played with a slide, but I’m on the fence about that, I could be wrong. Either way, it’s “slidey” enough to give you that “Freebird” type of ambiance or classic rock vibe.

It all comes together with full snare and distorted rock and roll chords during the chorus, accompanied by a captivating vocal melody that reminds me of something along the lines of Tom Petty or I would even go as far to say George Harrison. I would definitely say that if you are a fan of either of those artists, Robbie Rapid’s “Jasmine Girl” is a solid recommendation for you.

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