Pini Gurfil “Call It Art”

Pini Gurfil, oh that’s a familiar name. I recently wrote about his older single called “Anny“, which opened a big double-sided window to his introspective and beautiful world. That song touched the endless cosmos of emotions hiding inside every person, the feelings and memories that make us human. Today, the gentle-voiced Israeli singer-songwriter is back with another story, also about emotions, but this time it’s a story of connection.

This story comes in the form of a heartfelt, hypnotic and soulful indie folk tune titled “Call It Art“. It’s a duet with Tom Goldstein, his music producer friend, and the connection that sparked and took the two on to making this song was the magical combination of two like-minded people getting creative together and building up something really awesome. “Call It Art” is the embodiment of this, encapsulating the sheer wonder and excitement within its lyrics and softly twirling guitar melodies.

“This song is my personal reflection on my collaboration with music producer Tom Goldstein. Tom wrote a beautiful melodic line, influenced by my compositions for the forthcoming album “Just Below My Cover”. I then wrote the lyrics (and C-part) for the song. This was the first time ever that someone composes a song especially for me. I was really moved. The lyrics, therefore, reflect upon the magical, heart-to-heart connection that music creates, regardless of age, occupation and stature. The song is a homage to the profound, rewarding, almost insane experience of bonding through music; quoting from the song – some people call it madness, but we will call it art.”

Pini Gurfil

This wonderful artistic connection builds up slowly and spins up a new layer of excitement, which soon ends up in quite celestial heights with the introduction of electric guitar riffs that shred themselves into existence to echo off the mountaintops. At the same time, the song stays intimate, cozy and heartwarming, and full of sheer love for music and that pure magic it is capable of creating.

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