Pini Gurfil “Anny”

There’s nothing quite as complicated yet so daily than the network of emotions within ourselves. That deep vault full of memories, thoughts and feelings connected in the most abstract ways can, and will sometimes confuse the person it belongs to. The Israeli singer-songwriter Pini Gurfil unravels and handles the cosmic state of mentality in his warm and philosophical way, turning the process into a song.

The song, titled “Anny” was released just recently. Pini Gurfil’s signature sound of blended soft-rock with influences from jazz, swing and rock-noir shines here too, providing a spacious and gentle atmosphere that runs deep. There’s a sense of longing and nostalgia embedded within the piano and the layered vocals as well as his soft matured voice. And once the slow swaying percussion joins in, the song takes a glowing classy feeling, like a gentleman singing wisdom with carefully measured passion. His lyrics feel poetic, which is probably a given considering the artist has released two poetry books in Hebrew. Still, the lyrics bring in so much emotion further heightened by the instrumental side of the single, and the whole package makes “Anny” an impactful song as layered as the theme it dissects.

“This song reflects upon my personal experience from psychotherapy. It adopts a rather sarcastic standpoint on one hand, and an optimistic viewpoint on the other hand. This song is characteristic of my music, which often deals with our innermost dark layers, without succumbing to popular music trends, but rather invigorating sounds and themes which best suit the intricate lyrical structures.”

Pini Gurfil

“Anny” sounds very close to something that could be considered a timeless classic. The excerpt by a philosopher Alan Watts brings that feeling further as well as providing a lot of thinking material along with the lyrics. The slow soundscapes, beautiful instrumentation and subtle lyricism make for some really incredible music, which in its wisdom also manages to be a calming presence.

Pini Gurfil loves to dissect themes of solitude, relationships and struggle in his lyrics, and his discography contains music in both Hebrew and English.

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