Luna Kat “Blue”

Once you realise that the friendship has gone off the rails, it’s heartbreaking news. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to reflect on what happened and what is left of it for you, and to move on. It’s always hard when that happens, but Luna Kat is here to lead you through the pain.

Reflective of the somber state of mind, Luna Kat’s newest single is called “Blue“. It’s an honest diary page of an ending friendship. Uncaring and completely indifferent friend on one side and the song’s character still searching for the connection on the other side, “Blue” outlines the feelings of hurt and disappointment, but also a sense of relief in moving forward. That feeling of revelation is particularly present in the instrumental side of the single, as it never falls into that deep depression. Quite the contrary – it addresses the sadness in this sort of understanding way, as if knowing whatever had gone wrong wasn’t your fault.

“Blue was written during a time when I was going through a lot of personal issues. Although it does have romantic undertones, the inspiration was actually based off of a friendship that turned sour. Once something like that happens you become very reflective of “when did this start” “were these issues that existed before, and I didn’t notice” and it actually becomes very introspective. Although inherently its kind of a sad song, it’s about feeling like you’re not enough or that you’re a disappointment. There is something really healing about know that those things are not true and choosing to leave that situation. Which is the core of the song.

Luna Kat
“I wrote all in one sitting. There was so much I was thinking of, I wrote so many alternate versions. It’s funny how some things take forever to articulate, but this didn’t. It practically wrote itself.” Luna Kat

“Blue” is an indie pop ballad introducing the NYC-based singer-songwriters sadder side. Speaking of matters of the heart with vulnerable honesty, Luna Kat easily finds a way into the listener’s hearts with her vibrant blend of r&b-infused bedroom pop.

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