Luna Kat “anxiety”

Luna Kat rambles about her ‘anxiety’ in a lively and playful manner, helping to normalize the discussion of mental illness. 

Based in New York City, the independent Aussie artist Luna Kat is yet another artistic person with a big dream who’s just getting started in both life and her musical career. Seeing as she grew up in NYC, Shanghai and Sydney, she has come in contact with a diverse arrangement of life styles and music scenes — something that is reflected in her sound. This self-titled bedroom pop artist manages a pleasing combination of energetic and chill, the opposite of an “in your face” vibe but still able to be joy-inducing. 

So far, the artist has released three singles in the first eight months of 2021, and they all exude and vibrant and young energy that will make listeners around that age easily identify with her, while older listeners will be able to reconnect with that time of her lives, and they might just be surprised at the depth of Luna Kat’s thoughts, talents, and lyrics. 

anxiety is a deeply personal song, letting listeners have a deep look into who Luna Kat is and what goes through her mind in her day to day life, and how it impacts even the shortest of interactions.

For her first song about mental health, Luna wanted to capture both the psychological and physical ways in which her anxiety presents itself, and she hopes to spread the fact that mental health can also make itself known outside people’s minds. Her lyrics then take a very metaphorical approach to represent how she is invaded by something that no one can see but has a strong presence in her life.

Despite its light tone and the catchiness of the melody, the instrumentals do not take the attention away from the main topic of the song. They instead work as what “getting away” from your problems and anxiety would feel like; a tropical paradise where the storm will never be able to reach you. In an unexpected way, the music only helps to highlight Luna’s struggle of wanting to live a worry free life while dealing with her mental illness. 

In Luna’s own words, the instrumentals present “this duality of “I can’t stop fidgeting and I can’t settle my mind, but I also can’t seem to get up from bed and do anything”, which is one of the many ways her anxiety makes her feel. 

Official “anxiety” lyric video, edited by Luna Kat

I knew I wanted to make a song that would help me process how I’ve been feeling the past two years, and so in making this song I was able to really pinpoint all the things in my life that give me anxiety and even depict what it felt like physically and mentally to go through this,” she adds. “The crazy thing is as I’ve been promoting this song, this topic has been absolutely blowing up (in regards to athletes withdrawing from competitions due to mental health reasons). I think people did not always realize that mind body connection is real, and so I do go at length describing the very real physical feeling of anxiety making it hard to breathe, but also the consequences anxiety can have as it pertains to relationships with others. I felt particularly disconnected to friends and family because of long periods of physical distance.” 

As Luna said, this song had the fortune of coming out at what could be considered the “right moment”. With this topic being discussed now more than ever, anxiety is able to join the conversation while Luna Kat enjoys the creative outlet that lets her be as honest and open as she wants. 

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