Gemïny Creepin’ up with a #NewMusicAlert

Blazing right into October with all “Hallows Eve” upon us, who isn’t looking to beef up and refresh their annual Halloween playlist with some #saucybangers? I know I am, and if the proposition posed to me is in fact, “trick or treat,” well… I have a treat for you today. Gemïny is dropping a brand-new single October 7th and it is going to funk-your-world up. As well as your playlist. The song is called “Creep” and not since “Thriller” (big ups MJ) have I wanted this badly to transcend my funky fears into butt-moving, celebratory dance moves. Don’t ask me to though, because me dancing would most certainly not be in the “treat” category. It would be a cruel trick. Moving on! This is to be the first single off of Gemïny’s upcoming album set to be released next year titled, “Victoria’s Secret.” The Raleigh, NC artist is back on the scene with a follow up to July’s hit single, “Hesitation,” further affirming his mastery of electronic pop-funk music.

All kidding and puns aside, “Creep” actually tells the story of a rather traumatic experience with a stalker. I began the review with that kind of candor and excitement about it because musically, the beat and melody are just that insatiable. Without intending to take the review off into a sharp left turn in tone, but at the same time still wanting to convey key points regarding the making of the music: Gemïny did recount some of the disturbing circumstances that inspired the meaning behind the song:

“I don’t know how many of my listeners have been in stalker situations before, hopefully none, but that experience is traumatic. At the time the first season of “You” had just debuted on Netflix. So not only do I have a young Jolena Goldberg following my every step, but I also have images in my head of her locking me up in some glass cage on the first floor of the Thomas Cooper Library, and as someone who believes in minimal studying the concept of being held captive on the dingiest floor of a library with no food…”

Gemïny on “Creep”

Now that IS haunting. The riff about minimal studying was a funny way to wrap the thought up at the end, but the idea of being in that situation of heightened anxiety all the time to where you’re having nightmares about it? Yeah. I truly do feel for the artist. Which segues into an important thing to keep in mind about artists. They are people. Just like us. They too have fears, hopes, sadness, anxiety, the works. Gemïny studied music composition at University of South Carolina, and participates in freelance work recording hooks and background vocals for aspiring artist as a studio musician, raising money for the National Alliance on Mental illness. The situation that he went through makes knowing that a bit of a twist. What the difference is, when it comes to musicians versus the rest of us, is the output. Their common experiences result in something for us to consume. Sometimes sadness results in sad songs. And that in it’s own right is a different and cathartic experience all on it’s own. In this instance, Gemïny took what was an unfortunate experience and that somehow resulted a funky, fun, enjoyable song. Remarkable.

Stay safe this Halloween and most importantly, enjoy it and have fun. That’s what I took away from this. Now go enjoy this song!


Gemïny also did a blog post about this, you can give it a read here

You, Yes you. Run! : Creep

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  1. Loved this track, reminiscent of Prince, George Clinton, a lot of the best

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