Holly Hebe, Ivoris & Zhuli “Supervillain”

It’s Friday once again, the sort of day that’s always filled with new music. Among the new is a group of three artists who have come together to write something super bubbly and colourful. Their new single is definitely going to colour up your Friday as well as the upcoming weekend!

Today’s three artists are Holly Hebe, Ivoris and Zhuli, they are Australian indie-pop artists with a knack for smooth vibes. The trio have joined forces to collaborate for the very first time, and the result of their creative flow is out now – it’s a single titled “Supervillain“.

Effortlessly bridging a high amount of that sparkly youthful energy together with an equally lively storyline, “Supervillain” is a song about those self-centered people with gaslighting being the central part of their skillset. But instead of letting such people control the narrative to their preferences, “Supervillain” easily brushes them aside and thinks of those people as who they really are. That would be – not as important as they’d make it seem.

Filled to the brim with absolute smoothness, “Supervillain” is full of joy. Giggles in the background, glowingly easy-going nature in both the lyrics and the instrumental side and shaped like a perfect indie-pop song, “Supervillain” is perfect for that little needed ego boost for listeners surrounded by such self-centered people, as well as a great tune to chillax to!

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