Pent Up! catchy new single “The End”

This is an energetic Punk track mixed with all the grit and enthusiasm of Rock N Roll. “The End” by Pent Up! Moves forward with inspiring riffs and electrifying rhythms that invite you to dance, shout, and boogie! Listen Now!


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your pogo dancer, MadZen, and today we will delight ourselves with this brand-new, explosive tune. Brought to us by Seattle trio, Pent Up!, this track is for anyone who loves Rock, Punk, and everything in between. Let’s get to it!

Pent Up! is a Rock trio born in 2021 amid the boredom and isolation of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. Created by Brendan Honeycutt (Guitar & Vox), Nate Oelrich (Drums & Backing Vox) and
Jay Barrett (Bass & Backing Vox), these guys combines driving rhythms and catchy songcraft with punk energy and abandon. Influenced by bands like Dinosaur Jr., Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Social Distortion, Pent Up! is known for delivering energetic shows where nobody is ever bored.

The End is all about overthinking. It whipsaws between sections like one might during a moment of panic, then crests a wave of energy and emotion before crashing down to a satisfying end. Strangely enough, this song is as close as we could possibly get to a mission statement: high energy music played with joy and reckless abandon. The End was the song that brought Pent Up! together, so we always want to give it our best.

Pent Up!

“The End” is their latest single release, and a follow-up to their previous EP “Pretty Good”, released on May 5th this year. It is without a doubt a magnetic musical expression with Punk and Rock roots. Making use of a high-energy performance mixed with wit and a nice dose of humor, Pent Up! has created an anthemic-like track that leaves nothing unsaid.

The top thing to expect from our music? Energy! The End is all about energy, and whether we’re exploring punk sounds, jazz flair, or bits of twang, we try to embody energy with everything we play. We really want you to feel something when you listen to us, so whether it’s a slow ballad or a fast barnburner, we’re accomplishing our mission if the energy is right.” 

Pent Up!

High-gained riffs, dynamic drums, fuzzy bass, and spirited vocals can be heard inside the track. A sense of freedom and looseness captivates the listener, reminiscent of the good old days of revelry and jollification. In deed resembling a couple of Foo Fighters tracks, this song progresses with an unchained spirit and an unapologetic attitude.


Pent Up! "The End" press photo

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