The Wavos – Here We Go!

“Oooohh-weee-ooohhh.” The song’s already stuck in my head. That song of course, is the latest single from the New Wave Electropop trio The Wavos, entitled “Here We Go!” The self-described “Jersey expats,” who hold a sizable notoriety for covering classic New Wave songs, have released a new synth shredding, foot stomping, New Wave original to their repertoire this time around. Packed full of energy, the sound and vibe hits you with an active bassline somewhere between Devo and an old school video game, an industrial sounding drum march – the likes of which that would make Trent Reznor giddy- and of course, intensifying synth progressions that carry the tune all the way through. The gang vocal delivery of the “Here We Go’s” in the chorus deliver a “pump you up” type of anxious energy that reminds of me of how I felt when I first heard Joey Ramone’s “Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!” back in the day.

The Wavos are:

Joe Bace – guitar/bass/vocal

Gordon Smith – synth/bass/vocal

Tone Maul – human electric drums/percussion

The band has stressed recently that they generally avoid “being political,” however were compelled by the likes of the “Me Too” movement and the ongoing fight for reproductive rights this last year to dedicate the song to the strength of women behind those movements. The song is meant to be a representation “bursting out of confinements and enjoying a new freedom.” That sentiment is what is expressed in the cover art for the single featuring the “Buffalo Girls.” On a more literal note, the phrasing of the chorus “Here We Go” was inspired by an over zealous fan who was waiting for them to get the dance party started at the Moose Lodge in North Virginia:

One day while we were setting up our stage area for a show at a Moose Lodge in Northern Virginia, a young woman kept approaching us. The staff had “warned” us about her, saying she’s friendly and harmless but she gets very animated. She was clearly impatient for us to start playing and kept shouting “Here We Go!”

Gordon on the origins of “Here We Go” lyrically

With Joe living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Gordon and Tone living in different parts of Manhattan, “Here We Go!” was recorded remotely between Myrtle Beach and New York City. Production and mixing was caried out by Gordon Smith at Big Byte Studio in New York City. One of the things I love the most about music today is how logistically streamlined it is to collaborate remotely for studio work. Because that part aside, being based in different cities hasn’t stopped The Wavos one bit from bringing the dance party up and down the East Coast. Their show schedule is booked through August of 2023 across parts of Virginia, New York, and New Jersey. In fact, when you think about it, with members being remote, that could actually help the coordination effort across multiple gig locations. An amazing and exciting time in music, indeed.

What more could be said about how fun this band is? They have an elaborate history one could on and on about, check out there website. There’s history there with the legendary CBGB and they’ve have opened for National acts such as They Might Be Giants and more. If I had to pick one, just for the sake of being concise here, it’s gotta be the haunted psychiatric ward gig. Yes, you did read that correctly. They indeed played Greystone Psychiatric Hospital and had the, I don’t know whether to call it genius or audacity, to play “She Drives Me Crazy” whilst getting stared down by a patient muttering “Jihad.”

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if a dance party is to be brought to the masses, to INCLUDE haunted psychiatric hospitals alike, then THAT my friends, is the dance party you need to attend.

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