Ricky Gourmet ft. DAISY WORLD “t9urline”

Looking for some naughty vibes to spice up your dull Tuesday? Ricky Gourmet has just the right kind of fix that would get a party going. This solo artist’s new single brings forth a burst of sensual r&b sound that just keeps building itself up on the undefeated feelings of love and desire clouding the everyday world. What’s even better is that in this song these feelings flow both ways!

Featuring bold piano chords in a purple hazy soundscape running atop a toe-tapping beat, “t9urline” joins the catchy and brave sound of pop music with the intimate and sensual nature of r&b. The result is grand, flirty and seductive, flaunting that fine red dress and yet there’s a lot of shyness. Overload with those floating vibrant emotions filling the space in your head whilst still being way too shy to go ring that doorbell, the song instead gets on the phone to “T9 your line”. That’s the perfect soundtrack for two people crazy in love with one another. Also, bless instant text messages!

We had a brief chat with Rick Gourmet discussing his new single, his music in general and how music has shaped this fresh-faced artist’s life. Read below!

Hi, Rick, great to have you on the blog, I’m intrigued about this collaboration, can you talk about the way you get in touch with DAISY WORLD and how was working together, please?

Thanks so much for having me! DAISYWORLD and I were in a band together called Daisy and we always talked about writing music together for our solo projects. I was just messing around in my studio one day and came up with the piano riff for t9urline. I threw together a rough instrumental and managed to write the verse and a pre-chorus that made me happy, but I couldn’t find a chorus that felt right. I played DAISYWORLD the demo and a couple of days later, and within literally two seconds, she had written the chorus of my dreams! We finished the rest of t9urline in a couple of magical sessions and had a blast making the track 🙂

This one is just your second single, but you already are getting closer to 20 K streams on Spotify with only two tracks in three months since you release your debut single, that’s awesome man, congrats! Can you give us some insights about what you think your music is doing this great out there?

I think the music is doing well because I tried my best to make the songs as fun and energetic as possible. I think coming out of Covid everyone just really wants to have a good time and party like we did back before everything was so different. At least, that’s what I want haha! I guess I can’t speak for everyone else!

Can you talk about your musical background, I would love to know if the music was always there, can you share some childhood memories if that’s the case, or what your parents or family listen to when you were younger?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was six and making/recording music since I was 14. I’ve been in a ton of bands and released music under various aliases over the years, but this is my first time really taking myself and the project serious as an artist. When I was a kid, I remember I borrowed my dad’s second-generation iPod on a camping trip and discovered two of my all-time favorite songs: “Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind & “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys. Those two songs had had such a lasting effect on me and are some of the biggest inspirations I draw for the Ricky sound!

Really appreciate your time, thank you, Rick, and all the best!

t9urline” is out now on your favourite platforms!

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