Aurelia breaking free on “Sinister Things”

There’s very little that feels more empowering and greater than taking revenge on those who have been hurting you a lot. Today’s artist Aurelia tells us a story of breaking free from a relationship with an abusive person. Answering with sweet revenge and taking control over your life into your own hands, the artist named Aurelia introduces her second single!


Dark to the point of deep grim emotional pits, and powerful like the last standing warrior on a battlefield, the new single “Sinister Things” is as strong framed as the person it’s about. It’s an anthemic song of a sexual abuse survivor, a person who has found strength to get up and stand against everything that has hurt them. “Sinister Things” is their voice, and there is no way this voice will be left unheard.

“Aurelia is about introspection, but also celebration! I think that, because I’ve made some really dark music, that my persona is rather morose, and that the songs aren’t meant to be listened to intimes of joy. But that’s actually why I write and produce them. I want the people who listen to feel power in themselves and their struggles, and that those struggles should be celebrated. I’m planning on making that even more clear in some upcoming releases.” 


Cinematic with twirling plucks in the dark atmosphere, there’s some truly moody bass, which are still no match to the emotionally heavy vocals of Aurelia. Bold and fearless in nature, her pop voice also carries operatic elements running through the song to further heighten the feelings of pain, revelation and ultimately freedom, especially in the climax of the song.

“It was therapeutic to write because it made me confront my own relationship to sexuality, to allowing myself to feel sexy, after being assaulted at 14. A large part of my teenage life after that I was slipping into these personas and people that I thought I could be, to get people to like me. This song is indicative of who I actually am, and what I want for myself, and I wrote it while smelling like a raccoon”.


If you need some dark matter energy to find encouragement and break free, this is a perfect song. The same applies to those of you who know someone else in need.

LISTEN NOW “Sinister Things”

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