Frank Joshua “Five Minutes (Jon Kennedy remix)”

Five minutes. Is it a lot or is it a very small amount of time? Well, that depends largely per person, and also per day. You know how it is with time flying on weekends and work hours and even minutes moving by super slowly. Speaking of “5 Minutes“, that’s also the title of the new remixed single coming from an enigmatic duo of artists.

This duo is Frank Joshua, a singer-songwriter with open honest sound weaving melancholic vibes, and Jon Kennedy, a producer keen on everything trip-hop. The remix of “Fire Minutes” is, in fact, a carefully built trip-hop goodness giving the pondering thoughts over these 5 minutes that running feeling, something akin to feeling how time flies by. There’s more to those 5 minutes – life-changing events generally don’t take time to happen, so when they take place, the time before that event feels like it happened long ago. This warped sense of time is present in the echoing piano notes, the rolling trip-hop beat and Frank Joshua’s reflective lyrics.

“5 Minutes” is not the first remixed single coming from Frank Joshua – the London-based artist has released quite a handful of remixes made from songs from his debut album “Sense Life”. Among them are two remixes made by a Taiwanese producer Azido88, who gave an illustrative and smooth twist to “Rain” and “Cry Blue“. Frank Joshua definitely has a knack for finding perfect producers to bring out the best of his moody, introspective and melancholic music, food for the weary souls out there.

Jon Kennedy’s remix of “5 Minutes”



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