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Victoria, Canada’s hometown girl, now L.A. based artist Adri-Anne Ralph returns with a smooth R&B banger set to be released on October 20th. Less than 3 months since we covered her last single “Follow You Anywhere,” she is dropping the fourth installment in a series of songs (beginning with 2021’s “Season Bright”) that were technically written before the pandemic, but then, well, you know how the rest of that went down. Nevertheless, the tunes are now coming to fruition, being released, and interestingly enough this was actually the first one that was penned. The song is called, “Make Me Feel.


A professional studio musician, vocal coach, and songwriter, Adri-Anne Ralph has been releasing original music since 2014. This release, in contrast to the last single, is somewhat more uplifting. Not that “Follow You Anywhere” was not uplifting, Adri-Anne Ralph’s music is always a jazzy, soulful vibe of blissful hopeless romance. It’s just that “Make Me Feel” really taps into, well, the “feels.” When you first meet the one you love, it is a cloud 9 feeling, an invincibility, a surreal experience. Indeed, to what they call later the “honeymoon period.” That’s what this song captures. Talk about throwback 90s R&B feel, boy I’ll tell you. This takes me back to a special place in my heart and memory. Ironic isn’t it, that a song called “Make Me Feel” would make one feel so strongly? Like it’s by design or something! Ha. Indeed, the song demonstrates in title and in essence the entire epitome of what music is supposed to do for you. Make you feel. I would recommend this tune, and this artist, for anyone who is into Aaliyah, Whitney, or K-Ci & JoJo.

The best part about R&B music is that it is the ultimate mood stabilizer. This is the type of record I’d throw on in the early morning when I’m slowly getting up, making my coffee just perfect, and just sitting at my breakfast nook letting my mind wander. It’s the best tone you could possibly set for your day. Granted, I think we know all the other times that “life” happens, and things gets hectic, but I’m talking about when we’re firing on all cylinders, and taking it all in. Also important to note, that is just my old man ritual of R&B intake these days. This kind of smooth R&B is also perfect for the other “slow it down” moments in life. Eh? Date night? Netflix and chill? I’ll let your imagination take it from there. In absence of more words, I can throw at how “Make Me Feel” actually makes me feel, I’ll just leave you with this Tupac GIF to further drive home the vibe and how I express my sentiment (yes, I move like that when I hear songs like this).

This track is born of Adri-Anne Ralph’s collaboration with her producer and co-writer, Israel, whom she met during a songwriting “lock-in” for Hallmark’s Christmas season. And allow me to explain if you’re not an uber-talented music professional like she is, a lock-in is where multiple uber-talented people all get together and aren’t allowed to leave until they come up with uber-awesome content. I’m sure my invite just got lost in the mail somewhere. Moving on. Adri-Anne Ralph’s vocal performance is top notch. Every inflection, every arpeggio sits clearly on top of the arrangement. A testament to how well produced the track is, as well as how strong and capable Adri-Anne’s voice is in carrying a melody. You can clearly tell that her acapella must be amazing. Her soulful and musing delivery is just the icing on the cake of talent. And THAT my friends, is how you connect with an audience and make them feel.


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