Christine Greyson “Spider”

For most people, the word nature reminds them of beautiful remote places, sunshine in green forests, birds singing and deer raising their fawns. For people who live deep in nature, away from civilization and the closest store being more than 20 minutes away, the meaning of nature might change. For Christine Greyson it has definitely changed to something much less sunny and cheerful.

Formerly a NYC resident, Christine Greyson got a somewhat curious idea to move out of the huge bustling city and make home in the Appalachian wilderness. There, in complete solitude and surrounded with nothing but nature in all of its glory, the artist soon found herself immersed in quite a bit darker side of nature. There’s a bear living somewhere nearby, which Greyson met by accident, and the weather can also be very ruthless. Those experiences are what shaped Christine Greyson’s music and gave flesh to her upcoming debut EP.

“During the Covid era, I was “stuck” in the wilderness of Appalachia (western NC). I landed there after having enough of NYC and wanting a little more privacy. I just did not expect a pandemic would come and force a little too much privacy. After dying for some attention and conversation (totally alone out there with no modern conveniences..and a bear), I started a solo podcast called Natural and Wild with Christine Greyson. I learned and had epiphanies out in the woods that made me realize the wildlife and nature herself was pretty dark and had some serious serial killer issues. So, the podcast and now, the music, resides around the notion that the wilderness and life out there can be just as unfair and vindictive as human nature and “civilization”.”

Christine Greyson

Part of the upcoming EP is her debut single “Spider“, a story of a backstabbing person you once thought was a friend. Featuring droning guitar lines, incessant percussion and choral vocals, “Spider” gazes into the relentlessness of nature and its darker aspects, specifically those that cast harm on your well-being. The layered vocals captivate with their enchanting nature, sounding a bit like spells cast by an elder resident of the forest. As a whole, the single acts as a cautionary tale warning of the hidden darkness hiding behind the trees.

“Spider” is out now on your favourite platform!

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