Cynthia Angelica soul crushing new single “Flatline”

Cynthia Angelica “Flatline”. There was some recent news of a mass shooting taking place …somewhere in Russia. Lots of children died. A few cases took place in various European countries this year alone with crazed gunmen killing and injuring numerous innocent people. In America, it’s even more common. A friend of mine managed to avoid a shooting on campus by not being present there that day. While I thank the stars my friend is OK, there are so many people who have lost someone in one of such violent happenings, and the world truly takes on a grim shade.


But through the darkness there is a ray of hope trying its best to come through, and this time it has taken the form of a new single from Cynthia Angelica. This Maryland-based singer-songwriter has recently graced us with her wonderful soulful debut single called “Grace“, an uplifting anthemic song. Fun fact – that particular song started off as a breakup song. It turned out to be a spiritual awakening of a kind, filled with influences and homages to the artists that inspire her as well as the sound and energy of black church that formed her childhood.

This time, Cynthia Angelica has taken on a far more serious issue that affects countless people around the world. Inspired by Cynthia’s sister, a travel nurse who happened to be near a mass shooting and was fortunate to escape unharmed, the new single is called “Flatline” and takes a deep look into the pain, dread, and despair survivors and people close to victims are left with.


Heavy with deep sadness, the piano and dragging percussion along with the wailing sound of a distant electric guitar set the stage for Cynthia Angelica’s vocals that describe the soul-crushing emotions and search for hope. In the dark there is a search for hope going on, a hope for better future with less of those traumatizing events and unnecessary deaths. So long, “Flatline” leads the way.

“Flatline” is the second single coming from Cynthia Angelica’s upcoming debut album.
The single is out now, accompanied by a lyric video.


Cynthia Angelica "Flatline" artwork

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