Graham Coe Comes Along with a New Single

Ireland’s Graham Coe (of Blessington, Wicklow Hills) is a singer/songwriter with a catalog of music best known for sounding more in the vein of traditional folk. Songs like “A Moment in Time” are beautifully finger picked tunes that remind me of classic John Denver. He released a new single recently, “Since You Came Along,” on September 28th and while the voice and melodic tendencies are unmistakably signature to him as an artist, he did switch it up a bit in terms of vibe and feel. The track’s ensemble is stellar as he continues to work with Grammy nominated pros Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy in the production department. Check out the latest single on Bandcamp. It, along with his entire repertoire is available at an ABSURDLY low price. Suffice it to say, being the Bandcamper I am, grabbed up the whole thing right away and enjoyed immersing myself in his work.

First point I think I’ll make about the new single is that it puts me in a delightfully good mood. It is an uplifting number. Whereas many traditional folk artists can sound somber and have a good deal of minor chords in the progression, “Since You Came Along” is definitely more in the upbeat “Pop” dimension than say the previously released, stripped down, Simon and Garfunkel-esque, “Here I Am” or the James Taylor-esque “Love Your Way (Remix).”

I show no preference to either approach honestly, it really is just a “what am I in the mood for” type of taste. I spend many an hour listening to folk like his previous work whilst letting my mind wander or reading. This new single seems to me more like the direction he was going with the previously released “Every Day.” Full band arrangement, drums, a bit more bluesy. That particular track reminded me of The Kinks and where they started to transition to in the 1970s whereas “Since You Came Along” immediately struck me as “Beatlemania” era Beatles. The track has also been compared to likes of The Searchers and the Tremeloes, both equally comparable in my opinion. And maybe it’s because I’m hung up on the word “Long,” but the track hit me with the same kind of “buzz” I get from that opening of “Meet The Beatles.” Plus it is an emotionally touching love song, so come on right?

If you’ve ever seen the amazing pictures of “the garden of Ireland” that is Wicklow, I can certainly see how Coe would have this kind of synergy spilling out of his pores. It’s beautiful! The drum beat is steady with that snazzy 1, 3 then 1,3,4 stutter fill thing, I realize I am probably butchering for anyone reading with a musical theory background, but it’s better than me saying the “bop bop” thing. Well, now I just did that too. Nevertheless, music lovers will get it. From a songwriting stand point Coe implements a bridge/middle that is so melodic it’s like having a second chorus in the song, another reason I liken it to the Beatles. Liken it to that, or The Tremeloes, or The Searchers, James Taylor or John Denver, if you like any of those, you will most certainly enjoy Graham Coe as I do.

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