Born Astray explosive new single “Dangerous”

This is an explosive and emotional Alt-Rock Pop track with a lot of groove and grittiness to it. “Dangerous” by Born Astray delivers exciting riffs, slamming drums, and top-notch high reaching vocals.


What’s going on guys! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will enter the danger zone with this brand-new track! Brought to us by an amazing Alt-Rock / Emo-Pop band, this tracks hits right in the feels while bursting with high doses of power and resolve. Oh, and it comes with a great music video. Let’s get it!

Upon first listening, what you walk away with may be out of their hands, but one verity is indispensable: you will feel the force of innovation they craft into each single released.

Born Astray is a New Orleans, USA band with a southern grit created by Jesse Roger on guitar, Ryan Henriquez on bass, Sean Doria behind drums, and vocals fronted by Cody Pala. Their sound can be compared to such bands as Circa Survive, mixing Pop, Rock, and Metal Core in their compositions.

“Dangerous” is their latest release, preceding their upcoming album titled Kinsey Six Genesis. An album that addresses the challenges vocalist Pala faced coming out of the closet at the later years of adolescence, and subsequently having to have a second “coming-of-age” in his twenties due to the lack of authenticity in his teen years. 

This track specifically is about questioning the nature of the relationship you’re in, and wondering if there’s even a real connection left, or if you both remain together because of the fear of being alone. Yikes! Relatable and raw, lyrics and music come together to create a blasting music experience that hypes and excites the listener.

It forces the listener to consider the straws they grasp at as a result of avoiding desolation. Written through narrative banter, the single provides an anthem for those who are ready to end things for the sake of finding themselves.

With a potent intro and highly dynamic vocals, the track presents itself with wonderful drumming and ethereal, high-gain guitars on the background, only to explode with clever silences and brutal distortion. Pala’s vocals are fierce, high-reaching, screaming and melodic. a beautiful blend between soft and harsh that finishes topping the outstanding instrumental.

Without a doubt, this track calls out to all Metal / Rock / Pop lovers, as well as anyone who’s been through and endured struggle (which is all of us). So I strongly encourage you to give these guys a listen, and to stay tuned for their album release!

For first-time listeners, they should expect music that allows them to feel something. All our music is written through first-hand experience and we just hope the listeners feel that when they hear out music.” – Born Astray

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