This EP is an ode to one of the greatest artists in history, humanity’s beloved Darkstar: David Bowie. A three-track collection of Electro and Alt Pop, with a composition, arrangement, and sound quality so good that it would’ve made Bowie proud. This is not a drill,


We all love Bowie (well, some maniacs don’t) but for 99% percent of the planet David Bowie is one of the most controversial and inspiring artists who ever walked this earth. Today, I’m very pleased to present to you and upcoming album created as an homage to the British artist’s life. Let’s get to it!

Ok guys, let me explain a few things. This EP was born out of a collective called DAMde8, a French collective based in Bordeaux that gathers about 30 artists and speakers from all over the world, releasing albums and videoclips. What’s most incredible is that they’ve never met each other in person. 15 of these artists came together to present today’s album MAJOR JONES, sung by Major Kami and their guest, Sarah Jay from Massive Attack. I mean, if you’re not sold by now you’re really a tough crowd!

Major Jones” was initially composed by Denis Expert, using a mini master keyboard which allowed him to record everything on his computer, and composing the melodies he hummed in “yoghurt” (French expression that means singing random words or incomplete sentences). Later, his friend Dan Burkhart, composer, arranger and sound engineer, came in to help. Thanks to him, the sound and harmonic production took on a strong meaning. The only thing left to do was to find a singer!

After struggling a bit, the duo was able to connect with Camille Miller, a Canadian singer living in Singapour, who also happened to write the lyrics to some of their songs (Burns in the Barns; Mystical Musical Maze…), and well, her voice is just fantastic.

Alright, so, the EP begins with “Major Jones”, a beautiful opener that tells the tale of Major Jones, a scientist, composer and designer, sailing in outer space, looking for the one he created and sent out into the cosmos all those years ago… Major Tom. The song is sensational, with minimal percussive elements like pulsating synths and glitchy noises, wonderful lush pads, and choir-like, harmonized vocals.

This track comes also with an excellent music video that portrays Major Jones as she slowly but steadily builds up her spacecraft and launches herself into space in the search of the long lost Blackstar. If you pay attention, you might find him!

We continue with “Coco Dancing”, a more up-beat, danceable track about Coco Schwab, Bowie’s personal secretary and best friend. A woman who devoted herself to support him, present in all his most extreme trials. Close to this superstar, she saved him to see him fly to the highest summits. A track with an 80’s vibe, lush synths, melodic pianos and a steady beat. Carefully crafted effects give this song a spacial, retro atmosphere that takes us to another place, another time.

Last but not least, we finish the EP with an excellent, superb cover of “A Better Future”, Bowie’s original track released in the album “Heathen” (2002). This cover is a beautiful re-imagination filled with atmospheric synths and electronica elements. The breakdown in this one is insane, and some of the vocals actually feel like they come from Bowie himself. Such an amazing track and finale.

There are still more songs from Major Kami ready to be released. The releases are planned for next October, next December, February and March 2023. Artistic residencies will take place in France in April 2023 with the commitment to bring a (very) unique universe to live performance scenes.


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