The Incredible Ari Raine

Ari Raine is one of those artist discoveries that makes writing reviews so rewarding. I’m getting ahead of myself already. The Atlanta based artist has recently just announced her debut EP will be dropping October 21st. Her Spotify catalog only dates back as far as May 24th, 2022, beginning with her debut single “Gaslight,” and that’s part of what makes this one of those special discoveries. One listen to “Gaslight” and there is zero mystery as to why there is such a buzz for this upcoming EP. You get the sensation that you are witnessing something incredible and fresh happening in real time. So where did Ari Raine come from, in what feels like, all of a sudden? After graduating from college in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic, she had an epiphany. That awakening, if you will, was to begin recording music to “bring her words to life,” as her Spotify bio puts it. Now, many of us may come to that conclusion ourselves, or even feel strongly about how well we would do if we were to make that decision. What makes Ari different, is what the result of that decision sounds like in just this short time later. Wow. I don’t mean to flex on you, but my profile has scrobbled 4,355 artists to date. I’ve listened to a lot of stuff across the spectrum of several genres and skill levels. Ari Raine’s songwriting, production, and vocal delivery is nothing short of incredibly impressive.


The EP is entitled “Just To See Me Fall,” indicating that the single she just released less than a week ago, September 30th, is going to be the title track on it. The EP will consist of 5 tracks. Her sound is described as 2000s era RnB, hip hop, and pop music. That is pretty accurate, but what stands out for me in comparison to the pop genre generally speaking, is that there are extra layers of depth and introspection in her lyrics and songwriting, in my opinion. I very much would consider her a higher tier singer/songwriter in many respects. More than just a pop singer. Her music is primed to make a deeper connection with her audience than your average pop song. All it takes is one listen to “Wasn’t the Only One” for an example, to clearly see that. It’s raw, has some edge to it, but still so euphoric to the ears. I’m certainly a fan. Thanks to my blogger privileges (neener, neener) I got to hear some of the unreleased stuff that will be coming out on the new EP. It surely won’t disappoint. Go listen to what’s out right now to get hyped up for it. You can safely expect her to deliver on that real and honest vibe once again from the heart.


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