Kelsie Kimberlin “What We Had”

Witness the flames taking over everything that was built in a relationship turned out toxic. You’re holding the lighter, and as the heat of the flames builds up, you’ve taken the first step away from daily abuse and into the freedom you deserve. That’s the story of Kelsie Kimberling’s recent single “What We Had”, a powerful song of self-worth and strength required to overcome and leave toxic relationships.


Released quite recently back in September, “What We Had” is a breakup song, but not the kind that would shed a single tear over the splitup. Quite the opposite – it’s a huge release for a person that has survived through an abusive relationship and finally found the courage to leave it all behind, recognising just how bad things were in the process. There’s mellowness present in the song, this sort of balanced sound that signifies the calm state of mind and determination. Even if all described in the lyrics hurts, that’s all about to become the past.

“What We Had” comes accompanied with a music video full of flames and destroyed objects. The singer in the middle of the smoke-filled space illustrates the song’s lyrics quite eloquently, ripping up love letters to signify empty words as well as embodying self-love and taking control back into her own hands. And in order to move on, things must be destroyed to clear off the path, shown as she pushes down a burning canvas representing the relationship.

The song also holds another synonym of a relationship gone awfully bad – it’s the war between Russia and Ukraine. As a Ukrainian-American resident herself, Kelsie Kimberlin has highlighted the awful war taking place between two neighbors in both the single and its music video, letting the flames and painful lyrics speak for the Ukrainians’ desire to break free and live a life in freedom, away from an abusive neighbor. People with keen attention to detail will also notice the artist’s fingernails painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag in the music video, in undying love and support for the home country under attack.

“What We Had” is a song of importance both for romantic abuse survivors as well as the bravery of Ukrainians fighting for their country.

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Kelsie is working on many new songs, and she just finished filming a new video in Cartagena, Colombia with an award-winning film director. She wants to release it as soon as possible. The song is called “Fruit Basket” and the video includes Las Palenqueras, the famous colorful women who carry baskets of fruit on their heads. It is an amazing song and vide.

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