PiPEllA “Life as a Movie”

Let’s take a step outside of the mundane life and its routines and put on the film watching hat. Everything happening around you is part of the script, and you are the main character. It’s pretty certain you have some little dreams that you’re working forward to and achieving your dreams would be at least one of your movie’s highlights. That’s how PiPEllA encourages to experience life and its ups and downs – a movie where everything that happens will happen, both failures and successes.


That’s the main storyline of PiPEllA’s newest single “Life as a Movie“, which comes across as a cinematic folky song of a person charged with determination, fully ready to take on a new day of a new chapter in her life. Full of dreams and desires, this song marches on with an uplifting beat, soundscapes painting a strong visual of open, yet to be explored landscapes drenched in bright sunrays. Strummed guitars, shimmery vocals, emotional strings and layered percussion swapping places with beatless celestial parts, there is nothing in this song that would leave you cold!

“This song is really special to me because it was actually the song that made me decide to pursue my dream of being “PiPEllA”, a rockstar/fantasy character. Before making this song, I thought I was going to be a tour manager who wrote music for other people as a hobby, but then I stepped into the recording booth for the first time, and I was hooked. So, this song really represents all of my hopes and dreams and fears and I think that’s what makes Life As A Movie so relatable.”


“Life as a Movie” is part of PiPEllA’s new project where she’s a main character travelling across places using a deep forest portal that takes its user to new distant worlds. Named PiPEllA – The Worlds Traveller, this project has 11 songs together with POV storylines that will be posted on the artist’s social media.

PiPEllA is the alias of a Tennessee-based Abigail Wynans. She’s a queer and asexual person, who often incorporates her life experiences as well as love and appreciation for the LGBTQIA+ community into the lyrics of her music. Largely inspired by different soundtracks and music spanning across a variety of genres, the sound of PiPEllA is flavorful and always an earcandy with its wonderfully executed instrumental side and the emotionally charged lyrics.

“My music spans a few different connected genres but all of it is cinematic. Whether a song is more indie rock, folk, or world inspired – every song will have those elements that make it feel like it’s part of a soundtrack for a fantasy movie. I think that’s what makes my music really special, because I want my listeners and fans to really feel like they are the main character when they’re listening to it.”


“Life as a Movie” is out.


you can enjoy it right away!

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