Patty Duffey “There”

When life drags you down and work makes your brain walk down a one-way street, it only takes a message from a dear friend to cheer you up. For Patty Duffey, true friends are the best part of life – they are always there when she most needs them, and they stay together through all those ups and downs life manages to throw at their path.

True friends are also the basis of her new single “There”. Just recently released, “There” is both a personal letter of thanks for the friends who have her back, as much as it is a little cinematic anthem of good friendships. Serene vocals and strummed guitars lead on from beginning before opening up into the single’s dancy and very very upbeat core. Lyrics of honesty and gentle vocals move along with instrumentals that jump, leap and cheer, and the whole song feels like a perfect soundtrack to a part of a movie where friends go out to enjoy some great time together after enduring hardships, which left them all stronger in their friendship.

“There” is the first song coming from the Boston-based artist, who’s the CEO of Performers on the Go, LLC. Most inspired by life events, love and friendships, Patty Duffey takes her personal thoughts and experiences and turns them into vibeful indie pop music that captures and entertains, but most importantly, offers relevant stories that easily connect with listeners.

The new single is out now

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