Heidi Pack “It Must Be You”

Love is arguably one of the most powerful feelings one could get. All the stories of doing superhuman deeds usually runs on the power of love for a special someone. Honestly, that’s because love just makes us forget the daily woes and sadness and fills you up with hope and light instead. You’ll walk through your day feeling crazy in love. “Is it me who’s making me crazy?? Nothing else has changed… So, it must be you!”

“It Must Be You” is also how Heidi Pack feels like in her newest single. The cozy country singer-songwriter tune has a soft core to it, exploring the tender sides of love and carefully translating it into words as well as melodies. Melting guitar plucks flourish in the warm soundscapes, filling up the place like butterflies on a sunny meadow. Heidi’s emotional vocals feel the height and unlimited energy given by love, the newly found wonderful feeling that makes you act like a fool.

Creating music is one of many passions for the US-based singer-songwriter, whose journey started when she was a child singing in church, and songwriting when was in fifth grade. Heidi Pack makes music to express all those feelings experienced in life in the most nuanceful way possible. Her lively sound is a hybrid of country with a taste of rock, pop and modern productions. Paired with well-written lyrics and a powerful voice, Heidi also takes on the stage with equal amounts of power, offering both the more acoustic smaller sets as well as colorful and energy-filled performances backed by a big band.

“It Must Be You” is Heidi’s 3rd single


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