Maria Lane “Haunting Me”

Imagine there was a painful breakup that you’ve finally come to terms with. Now, as you try to move on, you find someone else, but while you’re trying to build this new love and see where it goes, the ex from that breakup is back and haunting you through text messages asking to try again. That’s the story of Maria Lane’s new single “Haunting Me”, inspired by events from her personal life.


Fitting title for the haunting and dejected moods, “Haunting Me” is an indie pop song of wanting to get away and move on, while still not being quite over with that person yet. Running on a constant percussion provided by the running guitar line, there’s a sense of desperation and immediacy, which is also supported by the pleading vocals and lyrics that provide a window into the darker side that romantic life can have. What is generally a perfectly made acoustic pop song, is also a eerie cautionary tale of what happens when someone you broke up with is back and preventing you from moving on.

“I was writing a song one day and my first process is to find chords I like that will feel like the song I am writing. I fell in love with these chords I started playing, and the first lyric I came up with was “trying to get over you”
It led into the hook “these feelings should be bare, but I still want you there, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye”
I was recalling a memory I had when I was recently out of a really bad break up and I was in the stage where I was ready to start a relationship with someone else and it was then that my ex started reaching out again and saying he wanted to try again, which made it hard to focus on this new love, So when I was writing the song I had this idea that it really does feel like I was being haunted by this person in that situation. It felt similarly like in a horror movie when you see someone get possessed and then that demon or spirit is controlling them and they are drawn to them, so that’s the idea.”

Maria Lane

Speaking of eerie, Maria Lane is a huge fan of horror movies, and the idea of getting haunted and ending up under control of an ex has found a perfect outlet in this song. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter finds lyrical inspiration from real life and is keen on writing mostly sad songs. But, as she said to us, there’s a new EP coming from the artist and there will be some happy songs in the mix, so there’s definitely something to wait for!

“Haunting Me” is out now.


Photo credit Clara Jeanne Reed

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