KIA – “Loose Change”

Netherlands transplant and L.A. based artist KIA dropped a brand new single on October 21st, adding another ready-for-radio, surefire pop hit to her repertoire. A discography rich in first-class RnB/Hip Hop music since 2017. Coming off an impressive full-length live album back in May of 2021, KIA’s new single is a collaboration amongst some super-talented artists and industry professionals: JR Jones (feature on the track), Carmichael Castaños, Kristen Personius, and Marco Lopez. The song is called, “Loose Change,” and it’s about infidelity within a relationship as told from two perspectives: the cheated on (KIA’s vocal part) and the cheater (JR Jones’ rap verses). Check it out.

When you first hear KIA’s voice it hits you like a ton of bricks. Powerful, resonating, and moving. It’s one of those voices that anyone aspiring to sing would wish they have. As mentioned in her Spotify bio, the timbre in particular is a cut above the rest. If I were forced to liken it to somebody or point to some kind of reference as to what I’m hearing, my personal comparison would be that of Kelly Rowland, just absolutely beautiful. And familiar too, when I first heard the track, I sat there for a moment and thought to myself, “I have heard this voice before…somewhere…how/why do I feel like I know this?” Part of that answer might be because KIA is an accomplished studio musician and professional. She has written and recorded for some pretty impressive productions you and I have surely come across at some point ranging from Netflix to the Fortnite video game. Go check out her Spotify profile for some of the exact projects she’s been on. She’s been recognized in various NAMM and IMSTA awards, honors, and competitions. When KIA comes to perform for your town, it is a coordinated top-down effort. While folks like me struggle to find the right place to plug in their amps, KIA rolls in ready to bring the audience a production. Quite a remarkable thing to follow with this artist. I implore you to also check out her live album for a bit of that experience and would recommend her music for anyone with an ear for RnB, hip-hop, and Hi-Fi Pop Top 40 music.

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