Abby London “Off The Grid”

Have you ever wondered how life would have been if the phones never lost the cables tethering them to a wall? What if social media wasn’t a thing and your online presence wasn’t crucial to your creative career? What if we lived our lives with minimal amount of tech, how happy would we be? Those are some daydream-level questions i have occasionally thought about, and today I’m glad to introduce a like-minded artist, whose new single thinks about the same ideal world.

The artist is Abby London. She’s no stranger to our blog – not long ago she released “Hysteria“, introducing her sharp-minded sound illuminating societal issues from another angle. “Hysteria” was about orchestrated fear leading to mass-hysterics, and the single poked on the silliness of it. Political-societal parodies are one side of this Seattle-based multifaceted artist, whose creative alt-pop sound is also home to self-reflection.

Her new song takes on a much lighter tone, as it is very much a daydream for an ideal world where technology was just another tool and not something that would control people’s lives. Titled “Off The Grid“, the cheerful pop tune explores the idea of being disconnected from the social grid and just doing your own things. Freedom of the soul is what the song is mostly about. Falling off the grid doesn’t free you of work, but it does free you from those generally pretty arbitrary worries and social pressures.

In the world that’s always connected and online, most people barely remember the time when the only phones were landline ones. It was a lovely time when you were not expected to be around to answer at all times, and somehow it was so liberating. For some like me this song sounds like nostalgia mixed with idealistic thoughts, for others it’s a true daydream.

Off The Grid” is out now on your favourite music platforms!

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