Abby London “Hysteria”

Since the pandemic began, things have taken a turn into hysteric state of mind, and when it dissipated, it was only to be repeated later by another cause. All that echoes back in social media and the way people communicate, and you get… neurotic people, unable to think straight because of all the panicky fear. And the ability of thinking straight is what would keep you level-headed. That said and knowing from personal experience music helps regain that balance, it’s time to introduce a bright artist and her newest single!

Greeting from Seattle, US, the artist in question is Abby London, a singer-songwriter whose music lives in the realm of alternative pop. She’s keen on opening listeners’ minds and help them see beyond the facade, and for this reason Abby’s music features a healthy dose of truth written into captivating, utterly honest lyrics, further propped up by the artful creative production. Whether it’s the status anxiety, the mind-numbing self-destructive behaviors or the toxic rippling effects in society, Abby is the kind of creative mind that unravels this all with eloquence.

Going back to the topic of mass hysteria, that’s in fact what Abby’s new song is handling. Aptly titled, “Hysteria“, the single builds an atmosphere that is distinctively gloomy and cursed, highlighting the feeling of something being off. Featuring unusual chords working in the echoing vast soundscapes along with Abby’s powerful vocals, layered to bring aboard even more eeriness and hint on the collective chaotic state of mind, “Hysteria” manages to be both very straight-forward and beautiful.

There’s an element of circus play in the song with the funky pitched kazoos, marching percussion and short simple notes, and as it contrasts itself with the echoing gloomy choruses, the silliness of this whole orchestrated mass hysteria is shown with brutal clarity. Encouraging thinking for yourself and being critical of the information flying in, “Hysteria” inspires to keep a sane mind and not go with the flow of the panicked.

“Hysteria” is out now!

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