Abby London “Bushes”

Abby London delivers yet another life lesson in her newest single,  ‘Bushes’.

From performing in North Idaho to imaginary audiences of any scale at the age of five to performing her own self-produced show in front of real audiences, singer and songwriter and independent artist Abby London has been continuously delivering conscious messages and addicting melodies since the beginning of her career in 2016. 

Bushes is the artist’s most recent release after Anxiety and its acoustic version. 

In her new single, Abby gives a personal perspective on a situation everybody knows of — a couple that refuses to break up even when such a choice is the best for them. Whether you’ve lived it or seen it, occurrences like that are not uncommon nowadays. Perhaps that is exactly why a song like Bushes sounds and feels like a breath of fresh air: something we might not realize we need to do during that moment, but nevertheless of extreme importance to a healthy life. 

Bushes, a keyboard-heavy pop track that contains as much charisma as it does harmonies, is Abby’s telling of two people who should break up, but will not. Touching upon themes of emotional abuse, codependency, low self-esteem, and fear of abandonment, the single brings to light topics that might make one want to hide somewhere where they can ignore the issues. To Abby London, such a place is none other than a bush.

The artist talks a bit about what experience inspired this song:

“I was in an on again and off again relationship with a guy named Matt. I don’t know how many times we broke up and got back together. I was so scared to show who I was and reveal my secrets to someone I knew. I was scared to imagine my life without him. I would stay home some weekends in a terrible mental loop obsessing over things that had happened. I couldn’t forgive him and I couldn’t move on. I didn’t fit into his lifestyle and I wasn’t doing much with my music. I was drinking a lot. Smoking a lot. He did drugs. I couldn’t really handle doing drugs with him and his friends. They all had better tolerances than me. I was not cool and they were. I wasn’t good at socializing like them. I didn’t grow up in the city and it showed. I didn’t belong with him but I desperately wanted to.”

London began writing the song over ten years ago, and over the years small additions have been made, such as the incorporation of the bridge. With the present and the past colliding in the lyrics, London features both her immediate reaction and feelings to her then-present situation, as well as a point of view of a her who can now see things from the outside. 

This makes it so the beginning of the song, despite having an unhurried pace in both vocals and melody, contains more intense emotions. The repetition of certain lines and tunes can be considered to represent how these are the thoughts the Abby London from a decade ago had constantly running through her mind. In contrast, the more fast-paced bridge manages to feel more peaceful, demonstrating how Abby has been able to make peace with some, if not most, of the events that transpired during the relationship.

As an artist who prioritizes bringing awareness of real life problems and helping her listeners, Abby London hopes to inspire people to leave their own bad relationships — even those that are not a romantic or social connection, and pat themselves on the back for managing to do what’s best for them.

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