Onism E “It’s Not Over”

When everything around you want to burn down and reading news becomes a more dreadful activity every passing day, the thought of hiding away in a remote cave and hibernating till it’s all over feels like a good idea. However, there is a pretty wonderful band that encourages to stay strong and keep on. The band is Onism E and their newest single is here to tell us “It’s Not Over“!


Opening up with atmospheric post-rock melodies enhanced with a healthy dose of soul and blues, the single reaches out its hand and walks us through the daily dread, painting all those things that would usually appear menacing and dark in a vibrant color of purplish blue. Ecstatic percussion, guitar riffs echoing through fast landscapes and the enchanting, inspiring vocals of frontwoman Eline Chavez all manage to brush away the dark gloomy thoughts and make us believe it’s not over, not just yet. And if that’s not enough for someone yet, there’s a thrilling jab of an awe-inspiring guitar solo to fix that.

The San Antonio-based four-headed band is named after the frustrating realization of being stuck in one body in one specific location, being unable to experience everything there is to experience. Consisting of Eline Chavez with a powerful trio of Texan musicians, namely guitarist Chris “Lefty” Vargas, bassist Magnus Timbre and drummer Ray Arenas, Onism E seeks to help out the people stuck with this obscure sorrow by bringing the life experiences in awesome song-shaped parcels. Previously the project had released “Lin Manuel“, a single dealing with insecurities and society’s default of envy and hatred, and such life-inspired stories continue to shape their music along with countless musical inspirations.

“It’s Not Over” is out now


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