For Goodness Sake, Jim Jagger

Jim Jagger is the type of artist that wears his heart on his sleeve. Not belabored with the superficiality in many respects of the music industry, he pens personal reflections as they come to him as evidenced by his last single, “Memories Of Spring.” A song that eventually was led to be inspired by a specific person in acquaintance but borne of fundraising efforts for the Motor Neuron Disease Association. A song that shares 50% of any of it’s lifetime proceeds to charity. Jim Jagger has returned with a new single, “For Goodness Sake,” in which he still offers his heart on a sleeve, but is more on the “angsty” side of things this time around. “Angsty,” in the sense of being upset from a humanitarian perspective. In addition to being different than the last single in terms of emotional expression, the number is also musically a departure from a contemporary folk sound. “For Goodness Sake” features synth, a nice electric sounding piano progression (giving me some R&B vibes), and even beat box (credited to Gavin Harrison). Indeed this time around, the fella not only has the name of Jagger, but perhaps the moves like Jagger too! You either loved that joke or hated it. I accept all recourse. Check out the new tune now, available early (ahead of official release date 11-11-2022) on Bandcamp!

Self-described as “kooky,” the song doesn’t in fact come out swinging at you like you’d expect for a song with a stern social commentary. Rather, it is pretty chill. That’s what makes it cool. I love that sound. It reminds me of reggae inspired music like Sublime or probably a better comparison, the vibe of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” Generally speaking, Jagger states that the song depicts, “lots of nasty stuff that seems to get regularly ignored.” He’s also said that this particular source of inspiration left him feeling like he probably could have created “100 more verses.” Clarifying lastly, however, “I don’t wish to down-play a lot of great things about humanity though.” I think we’ve all been there before. Closer to one side of the spectrum or the other when it comes to our disappointment or the “blinders” we put up, but I agree. It’s always important to remember to count your blessings as well, or risk overlooking what is “right”… right in front of you. For streaming, the single is available to pre-save on your platform of choice:


Continuing on with the over-arching concept, Jagger sees the recurring problem as a result from people seeing money as a measure of the concept of “success.” Therefore, putting money ahead of people. Vast and excessive wealth amounts to vast and excessive self-gratifying, “Stuff.” Indeed “stuff” as in material possessions. In Jagger’s mind, this kind of gratuitous excess is what is used to “signal their success,” as he puts it, probably better than what I was going to go with, I call it “flexing,” but that’s because I have kids that are of age to keep my lingo cool like that.

An interesting behind the scenes fact about the origin of the song was that an earlier version of it was drafted to be pitched to a video game company, with the intention of it being licensed to be on the “radio” within the game. It was rejected for reasons that the lyrics were deemed “too political.” Which is kind of crazy to me, I don’t really find it to be overtly “political.” There is social commentary, but it’s odd to me that we politicize certain aspects of humanity. Just me. I actually listen to a lot of things that probably would be considered “political,” so it leaves me to be curious about what that video game was. According to Jagger, he was “more than happy” with the idea that the basis of rejection was it being too political. And of course he was, the guy is always writing with his heart on his sleeve! He probably took it as what he measures as success, ha!

Like the last single, 50% of any earnings or proceeds from the song will be going to his charity of choice, Practical Action. An organization that he describes as one that, “works to build environmentally sustainable principles and services into communities internationally, and in doing so lifts people in those communities out of poverty.”

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