Songs For Sabotage – “Shadow”

This is a VERY good cover with a Techno twist that incites with its dark overtones and heavy beat. “Shadow” lives up to its name as it throws us into an ethereal and somber ambience meant to be danced in a hazy night club.


What’s going on you sexy bastards? It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will get schwifty with this great new track. Brought to us by our missed Los Angeles rock n’ rollers, this track’s got taste, depth, and flavor. Let’s get to it!

It’s been a while since we heard from Songs For Sabotage but that doesn’t mean they’ve been standing still. In fact, they’ve already written new music and have been playing live this 2022. Heads up, a new album is coming up in 2023 and this time the Los Angeles duo returns with a more synth-heavy and minimalistic sound.

“Shadow” is their first release which I imagine presents their new upcoming sound. A cover of one of their favorite artists of the last decade, Chromatics, this track explores an originally major key composition and transforms it into a minor one. With a faster tempo and a thudding beat inspired by House music, “Shadows” results in an almost Techno track that tickles our senses.

We love the dreamy soundscape of the original version but really wanted to create a new take on this track.” – SFS

As one could imagine, the vocals are a blend between seductive and ethereal. Almost like a whisper, the singer’s voice really finishes to add that sparkling emotion to the pulsating beat. They also push the overall sense of the track into the New-Wave / Synth-Wave genres.

Very danceable indeed, and exciting as well, this song promises a lot for Songs For Sabotage new sound and we cannot wait to hear their full album. In the meantime, add this track to your playlists, crack that volume up, and move around like a creature of the night.


This release is partially in conjunction with our friends over at Darkness Calling, who released the track exclusively on Halloween as a part of their Twin Peaks themed compilation, Wrapped In Plastic. Now we’re dropping the track and a music video everywhere on Friday, November 11th.” – SFS

Remember that you can find Songs For Sabotage on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website. If you enjoy his music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download their music on Bandcamp or for virtual concerts you can go to songkick “Live from their sofa to yours”.

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