9 O’Clock Nasty – “Sleepy Policeman”

A new era begins? The Nasty leave the fast-paced, Garage-Rock tunes behind to deliver a smooth, naughty and dubby new track. “Sleepy Policeman” presents a Dub-Punk juncture, a song that aims towards the elite law enforcement professionals.


What’s going on, my dear friends. Welcome back! It’s a me, your music enforcer, MadZen. Does that make sense? Today we bring to you some exciting news! 9 O’Clock Nasty is back but not the way that you’d imagine. This upcoming single presents another side of the coin of these infamous raccoons. Let’s get it!

I’m pretty damn sure that you’ve al least heard about The Nasty by now. A trio of belligerent, unapologetic, charming, and freaky Leicester-based musicians who like what they do, and they like making music. After releasing their very recent album By All Means Necessary, the band is back yet again to give the word consistency its definition. But now, the nasty have twisted the tables, and a new sound is waiting to arise!

Sleepy Policeman is a new start. We think we’ve shown the world we can make a garage rock anthem. Instead of giving you 16 more, we’re going to take you to some new places.” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

A mixture of Punk and Dub, or what the nasty like to call Dub-Punk, is what “Sleepy Policeman” holds in its core. Not satisfied with their Garage Rock anthems, the British trio is now ready to explore uncharted territories. Of course, without losing who they are! Their usual sense of humor, sarcasm, and ironic lyrics are still present in their new sound, but now they present a rather dubbier instrumentation, with big fat bass, and echoing guitar licks.

A nod towards hypocrisy and cynicism, the track attacks those elite law enforcement professionals, trained to give their lives to protect the rich, degenerate scum that they hold in utter contempt. “Let’s face it, there are some scumbags about, and the rich ones are well protected”, the Nasty explain. And so, with this single the raccoons continue with their legacy of mocking songs and unmatchable sense of humor.


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