Alas de Liona “Spirals”

A look into the bitterness hiding within, there’s that overly vocal presence that keeps pulling you under no matter what. Sometimes you’re twice as tall as that being, but sometimes you become that being. This constant battle is the theme for “Spirals”, the new song by Alas de Liona, who has done a beautiful rendition of that destructive force overtaking a person.

Hailing from Scotland, Alas de Liona has previously introduced the blog’s viewers to her delicate sound with a very personal single called “Cascade“, which saw the artist reliving the pain of loss and saddening memories of someone no longer around. The spacious and somber sound she creates is hard to pinpoint with something as basic as genres, but it definitely reaches out to the listeners whether they want to connect with the topics at hand or just enjoy the music for what it is.

Spirals” comes like the dark mood after dusk falls, dragging the self-deprecating thoughts and gloomy state of mind along with it. Reverberant distorted guitar chords, slow beat and echoing sounds form a clear showcase of what’s happening in the mind of a person walking down a one-way street into darkness. Alas de Liona’s voice is beautiful, the minute detail and delicate songwriting offer plenty to think about, and, along with wonderful production, even more to simply enjoy.

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