Bones in Butter – “Down But Not Out”

Bones in Butter goes Pop(ish) in this brand new, uplifting, danceable single. “Down But Not Out” is a contrasting representation of our lives, and our struggles. Another very good song from a very good band.


What’s going on my dear friends, welcome back! It’s your bone shaker, MadZen, and today we will get moving with this fantastic new single. Brought to us by our good friends from Serbia, this track puts us on our feet and shakes away the heavy hand of these modern days. Let’s rock it!

I’m pretty sure y’all are very much aware of these talented guys, Bones In Butter, by now (if you’re not, shame on you, go listen to their music… please). After releasing very good songs, including A Dystopian Love Song, Bones In Butter shake things up a little and continue to defy genres as they move on towards a different sound. At least for now!

“Down But Not Out” is not quite the kind of songs you’d expect from Milutin and Co. (Milutin is their leader). Their previous releases are dominated by rather gloomy and bleak themes, and, well, this is not totally different lyric-wise, buuut musically it is on a whole other specter.

A dancing beat over an almost happy ambience, cloaking the reality of which we live in. Of course, Bones In Butter couldn’t go full Pop, so you can expect some weird and eerie melodies buried in there, especially in the bridge. Oh, Milutin, you sly weasel. All in all, the song very much holds its Bone-y essence and wraps it up with a beautifully grooving and uplifting finale. Very much like an Electric Light Orchestra feel, which inspired the track!

The song is a tale about ordinary people living, suffering and surviving in a hostile environment dominated by a malevolent, corrupt and immoral elite.

At the end, BiB will always be BiB, no matter which genre they choose to tackle, that’s what makes them an absolutely great band. So go ahead and enjoy your day with this great new single.


Srdjan Popov was responsible for mix, mastering and production of this song. It was recorded at the Hill River Studios in Belgrade.

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