Jane N’ The Jungle – “Raw As A Jewel”

Jane N’ The Jungle return with a sick a$$ single filled with explosive energy and an epic melodic approach. “Raw As A Jewel” is a song about giving in to your desires and baring it all with reckless abandon.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen! It’s your boy MadZen here. I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the new tracks we have presented so far. I know I have, so much bangers out there. Today is not the exception for we have an upcoming Hard Rock track that will electrify your senses. Let’s get to it!

After releasing their singles Metal Ghost, and Dirty Dog, Jane N’ The Jungle, a band from Phoenix, AZ with lead vocals that cut like a knife with a take no prisoners attitude, influenced by a combination of Alternative Rock, Metal and a touch of Punk, are now returning with a brilliant, earth-shaking new track.

“As an artist I am always striving to write, sing and perform in my most raw authentic self. It was a fight within myself, a feeling that felt as if I wanted to crawl outside my body, and I wanted to portray that emotion in RAW AS A JEWEL.” – Jordan White (Lead singer)

“Raw As A Jewel” continues with the band’s legacy of modern rock tracks. Fierce, strong, and with nothing to lose, Jane N’ The Jungle once again deliver a solid, heavy-hitting track presenting thrilling choruses and seductive lyrics. Tight melodic riffs, huge sounding drums, and a gritty bass set the foundation of a sound that is both exciting and pleasing.

The song talks about the band’s resolve to pursue their wildest dreams, no matter the cost, and invites us to do the same! Be our own kind, go through the storm and enjoy the ride, ’cause this is who we are! The smartest thing we can do in life is to follow our heart, and so Jane N’ The Jungle aim to transmit that message in “Raw As A Jewel”.

With an effective music video filled with cool transitions, amazing outfits, and pulsating colors, the band connects sound and vision to deliver a 360º experience that will ignite your spirit! RAW is the first release with Cleopatra Records that flaunts the band’s raw intense energy and is only just the beginning with new music set to release in 2023! So…


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