Quizboy – “Not Like The Others You Know”

This EP speaks to us with the energy of someone who’s endured all kinds of struggles. “Not Like The Others You Know” is a Post-Grunge / Alt-Rock experience of short duration, but with a lot of things to say.


What’s going on boys and girls! It’s your boy, MadZen, and I’m very glad to see you back here once again! Today we have a very special double-track EP (It was supposed to be three but due to distribution issues the other track will be its own stand-alone) created by one of our very own writers. Let’s get to it!

When Ben Dayho isn’t writing articles for the blog, he’s making music under the name of Quizboy. As lighthearted as Ben might be online, this project presents a serious note talking about childhood traumas, struggles with interpersonal relationships, battles with addiction, and sadness. People have best described Quizboy’s music as weird. I’d call it artistic!

“Not Like The Others You Know” is Quizboy’s latest release after the launch of his previous single Bella. This time, Quizboy teases his new upcoming album with two tracks very different from each other but holding a very similar energy. Title track and “Brave A Storm” are musically very distinct, one being a minimalistic composition of piano, drums, and clean vocals; and the other one being a huge track made up of heavy riffs and screaming vocals.

Lyrically, the EP talks personal experiences Ben had with narcissistic and suicidal people. For example, in opening track, Ben makes it very clear we should all put our limits when dealing with narcissistic abusive behavior. With the title, Quizboy aims to convey that he’s not like the others they know that will put up with their shit.

It’s a messaging related to narcissistic abusive behaviour, in which people like that expect everyone they interact with to accept their unacceptable behaviour, especially when they’ve surround themselves with enablers that feed their narcissistic supply.” – Quizboy

Second track was purposefully written to be interpreted from either perspective of someone who is suicidal, or someone who is in care of someone suicidal, attempting to demonstrate that both parties share common pain in the experience. Being in both sides of the pole, Ben has a profound connection to these experiences and emotions, so it is not uncommon that he felt a catharsis of sorts after finishing this song.

The third track is a cover of “Down by the Water”, by The Decemberists. It has nothing to do with the other two but it’s a song he really likes. A fun fact is that Ben has sung this song to his 5-year-old since she was very young, so much that she believes that it’s her dad’s own song. You can find it here.

“During this one [the EP], I’ve been sober, and I just felt like a stronger person that had finally dealt with a lot of stuff. In particular, the “regrouping” of myself mentally and physically lent a hand to diving further into more technical aspects of production, and I think the results reflect that.” – Quizboy

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  1. I appreciate you my LT1KF fam! Thank you so much Madzen! Always happy to see when you are covering Quizboy

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