Rye Catchers – “Sometimes”

We’re happy to announce that Wisconsin-based electropop project Rye Catchers is back with a brand new single and video! The brainchild of veteran producer David McClintick Roberts just released the gorgeous dream pop ballad “Sometimes”, this time around featuring vocals from Spanish singer Nekane.

It is a song of contrasts that is also intended to be finger snapping, summery and uplifting.

Behind the vibey, electropop sound lies an internal dialogue – one that wrestles with the inner and outer world, reconciling the two, and going slightly mad.  I wanted the conflict to remain light-hearted and not become heavy, but I also wanted to counter-balance the summery pop feel with a struggle, and opted for an internalized wrestling match where the singer seems almost content being her own zany person, perhaps a little nostalgic, as she comes to terms with the modern world that she shuns as she dances naked in her own mind and spins old school vinyl. 

David McClintick Roberts

David’s been writing and releasing music for a long time, collaborating with vocalists and artists from all around the world and manages to cover pretty much everything within the synthpop genre. “Sometimes” is drastically different from his latest “UFO” in, well, pretty much everything. On the new song, David manages to produce an impeccable dream pop track that focuses on the ‘pop’ side, delivering something with ethereal vibes but that also wouldn’t feel out of place in a Jessie Ware album.

One of the softer and most delicate songs ever released by Rye Catchers, “Sometimes” still manages to have a kick or two in it. Nekane’s vocals fit the single like a glove, evoking a nostalgic vibe that feels incredibly current and modern. The music video is also a showstopper, featuring Nekane singing, dancing and living the song’s lyrics to their fullest – well, except for the ‘sometimes I dance around naked’ part.

The lyrics showcase a somewhat internal struggle between doing what you really want to do and following what other may expect. But it’s also about the freedom one can (and must) find in being alone and comfortable with themself; acting silly, daydreaming, playing cards alone and just finding and loving themself. “Sometimes” would be a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of someone like Carly Rae Jepsen.

Sometimes” IS OUT NOW!

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