Sophie Dorsten “Whisper in the Dark”

You never know whether someone in your vicinity is a manipulative being looking for an opportunity to use someone for their benefit. Well, some people do sense things intuitively, but for some reason you still go on completely oblivious, brushing any doubts you might have under the rug. At the same time, “Whisper in the Dark” continues to linger about, just waiting.

The dark and cunning person is the central theme for Sophie Dorsten’s newest single “Whisper in the Dark”. Inspired by the wicked nature of that predator-manipulator hiding in plain sight, the song takes the form of a lurker sneaking about. Cinematic and true to the theme, the lyrics paint a brilliant image of that broken mask of decency used to hide that true nature so vile it can’t bear the daylight. The depth and emotion sung into the lines by Sophie makes the single really captivating, as well as giving a glimpse of that well-hidden danger you should be able to recognise, this time a little better.

To further instill the toxic and dark theme of the song, Sophie created very fitting cover art for it. Drawing inspiration from old horror and mystery novel covers, the song’s cover art has everything – the vulnerable me-character out in the open, the eery surroundings and most importantly, the barely visible hooded figure with undeniably malicious intents never too far away.

Sophie Dorsten is a Phoenix-based artist, who creates music together with her brother, multi-instrumentalist Alex Dursten. The duo has previously showed us a glimpse of their sweet and emotion-driven indie pop world with a longing single “Mountain Song“. That song, as well as this here single were both born in RAK Studios, London, and later finished back home in Arizona.

Whisper in the Dark” is out now!

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