7000apart – “Stand Together”

Hope during uncertainty is something that both swedish Amelie Eiding and american Jon Kresin know very well. The couple survived a long-distance relationship with the hope of reuniting, and in the mean time managed to write beautiful songs together as their love blossomed more and more. The two eventually got together, married and released their first album in 2019. Hope is something that they know about very well.

International husband-and-wife duo 7000apart is back with a new and impressive single, “Stand Together”. This time around, the song sees the duo taking head on the uncertainties and doubts regarding tumultuous times and ask us to literally stand together and help each other. Their sound is a bit different than the one we’ve heard on “No Is a Nice Word” or “Whole Lot Left to Lose“, it’s more intimate and delicate, like something we’d hear on the softer side of someone like Metric. Written during the highly polarized and intense times of the presidential election of 2020, “Stand Together” showcases the duo in their most vulnerable and hopeful state.

“Stand Together”, the last song they’ll release leading up to their new EP, focuses on melody and metaphors like a falling sky and fire engulfing everything, but still manages to sound astonishingly hopeful and positive. Things may be weird, things may be hard, things may appear to be completely out of control – but we can face it all if we rely on each other, ask for help and be most altruistic versions of ourselves that we could possibly be. The Beatles once told us that all we needed was love. Lana Del Rey said that sometimes love is not enough. 7000apart is here to prove to us that all we really need is hope. Hope for better times can really keep us going, and as long as we’re together it is always possible. This is a very powerful song, with a great message.

“Stand Together” is out


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