Bridget Kelly Quinn “Dead Flowers LP”

Love for yourself and people around you, kindness and communication, having no answers to all the questions, but knowing we’re all in this together. Even if life does its best giving you a stink-eye, there is still so much beauty to reflect on. Bridget Kelly Quinn is here with her debut album full of stories based on all of the above plus more, inviting everyone to join on in the thought-provoking journey.

Life has been bringing in surprising turns and changes, particularly in the recent years. But even if the changes are for the worse, there’s comfort and solace found in between. Bridget Kelly Quinn’s debut release was co-created with guitarist and keyboardist David Lennon, comes titled “Dead Flowers” and is home to 10 songs, which all touch a theme sprouting from her personal life, as a mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Thus, the album’s 30 runtime minutes are packed with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Beginning off with the single “Please Stay” that recently introduced the blog’s readers to her emotional sound, “Dead Flowers” underlines the importance of love and compassion right from the beginning. These themes would continue throughout the album, even if the individual songs have their own main stories going on. The release has also a fairly minimal approach production-wise, letting Bridget’s emotive vocals shine along with the gentle guitar and synth melodies.

There’s space for both the mature and perhaps slightly cynical version of the artist as well as her innocent and endlessly hopeful teenage self, both running intertwined whilst having their own songs to shine in. But most importantly, “Dead Flowers” is a song of unconditional love.

Bridget Kelly Quinn’s debut album is out now!

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