Maria Lane “Maybe I’ll Feel Better” EP

Heartache, depression, wobbly mental health. Sadness, longing for love, grief. There is no-one around, who doesn’t have at least one of those feelings following them around. “Maybe I’ll Feel Better” is a phrase of comfort and solace putting hope for lighter days in the future. It’s also the title for the new release Maria Lane teased us about last time when her single “Haunting” was dropped. ¡That’s right, this is her debut EP!


Hearty and rich in imagination, the Brooklyn-based artist introduced us to her world through “Haunting”, a grim story of an ex coming back to haunt, spoken through the lens of horror movie, whilst keeping the warm and lush indie folk sound. Endlessly inspired by events taking place in real life as well as all the feelings and experiences, Maria Lane’s music is heavily relevant and easy to connect to, at the same time offering a smooth, splendid guitar-driven sad indie pop vibes.

Her debut EP is full of such life-inspired stories, making it a release to listen to for comfort whenever you’re feeling low yourself. The introspective and diary-like release has 8 songs with a total runtime of about 25 minutes, and there’s space for all the emotions a young person looking for love and stability might feel. There are songs like aforementioned single as well as “Crash” outlining the destructive nature of her ex, a little song titled “Serotonin” for hope and mental health, past mistakes analysed and relived in “Mean It” and pondering thoughts over the passing of life in “26”.

All those emotions are framed into gentle lovely acoustic sound, giving the album it’s comforting feeling. It’s this sort of friendly hug that would allow you to feel sad or devastated, depending on what you’re living through, but at the same time there’s a little consolation that you’re not the only one and there are, in fact, better days coming. Maybe you’ll feel better very soon.

¡Maybe I’ll Feel Better!

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