Laurelight brings Brighter Days

The epitome of modernized 80’s sounding Alt-Pop, the Italian UK-based artist Laurelight, is back with a brand-new single coming out December 2nd. The single is called “Brighter Days” and it is the follow up to the last single we covered here on #LT1KF “Open Your Eyes” back in September. He’s been steady releasing synth-oriented “magic” since 2020. Lock and step my friends. Lock and step with that infectiously melodic previous single, is his new song “Brighter Days.” If you romanticize that classic era of pop that was the 1980s, you are bound to enjoy Laurelight‘s spin on things. Listening to him conjures up a reminiscence in me of artists the likes of Michael Jackson, The Human League, The Eurhythmics, and to a lesser extent stuff like Soft Cell. Now, I understand and realize that the modern advances of digital music, production, etc. have made so many things possible. In spite of that, Laurelight‘s sound is such an embodiment of that butt-moving synth sound that I can neither confirm nor deny with any kind of confidence, that a Keytar is not somehow possibly involved. No allegations! No way for me to know that for sure. I’m not that good. But the music is. If one does in fact exist in the production process, that only sweetens the pot for me. I’m just sayin’. This and “Open Your Eyes” are tandem releases of a larger scale project yet to be announced slated for some time in 2023.


In promotion of the single, he’s embarking on a 5-date tour across UK and Italy. You’ll want to keep up with him on his official website for times, dates, and places for that. Ever so the optimist, Laurelight describes the new single as being about “truly believing that all things will get better, not matter what, and how long it takes.” In a time when we are all feeling at least what many would describe as “uncertain times,” the track “Brighter Days” doubles down on a message of hope for the future. It’s certainly reflected in the musicianship as well. It is a fantastic combination of guitar riffs and hooky synth patterns. When I listen to the track, I feel like I’m in a 1980s movie montage. Like, we’re right there at the pivotal point of the film, where it’s time for the protagonist to dig deep, “step up,” and get good at something really fast (perhaps a Keytar? Ok, ok, I’ll let it go now) over a passage of time. Looking forward to the add to my library!

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