Major Kami – “Skandal” EP

A wonderful three-track EP with lots of 80’s influences and the spirit of David Bowie embedded in each track. “Skandal” is all about open-mindedness, freedom of our appearances, and recognizing the misfits.

What’s going on my friends, welcome back! It’s me, your boy MadZen, and today I’m really excited about this upcoming EP which is, for lack of a better word, fantastic. Super visionary, lots of groove, inherent quality, and a great sense of artistry is what makes Major Kami’s upcoming release a must listen. Let’s get to it!

In case you don’t remember, Major Kami was featured in our blog with their recently released debut Major Jones EP. Yet another amazing work of art is going to be released by these French artists and it’s all made in remembrance of, and inspired by, our dear Blackstar, David Bowie. Three tracks with a lot of depth, musicality, retro vibes and a contrasting modern touch.

Skandal is about difference, about looking at the misfits in our society… Scandalous/androgynous/artistic/free of our appearances, the song also celebrates those of us who don’t quite fit in.

The EP is made up of tracks “Skandal”, “IYOA” (In Yellow Orange And Blue), and “Burns in the Barns”. All of these are very powerful and very top-notch compositions. It is amazing how it can sound so retro and so new at the same time. Lush synths, frantic drums, sharp percussions, and beautiful vocals delivered by Major Kami come together to create such a delight to the ears and any musicologist should be aware of this release.

In Yellow Orange And Blue; let’s wear the colours of joie de vivre, open-mindedness, freedom to move by creating perpetually. Even if this song refers to a superstar who had a keen sense of design, we are all concerned and able to embrace this bouquet of colours.

There are different, and noticeable, references to Bowie all across the EP. For example, in Skandal you can hear him scream the iconic “5 Years” chorus. In “IYOAB” you can hear indistinguishable phrases which come from a low male vocal, but we all know whose voice it is. Super exciting melodies, an excellent synth play, very well constructed harmonies and overall an extremely good sense of taste can be found in this EP. Last track, “Burns in The Barns” is a frantic response to a troubling question: Is it possible to avoid the worst?

Major Kami’s voice is slamming, expressing emotions of disturbed feelings that deliberately give depth to the text. The music, active like a temporary madness, takes us with it, making sure to convey a message that goes beyond us, like a missed act.

“Skandal” is Major Kami’s second of four EP releases planned by the musicians, and with this amount of quality it’s impossible to not keep our eyes and ears on them. So, you better be sure to hit that play button! That’s all folks, thanks for reading. MadZen out.

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