Sano Hill – “Feel Love”

This track inspires us to hold on to the one thing that keeps us going: Love. “Feel Love” is a soulful and groovy track that transmits a heavy dose of emotions, arguably Sano Hill’s biggest release yet.


What’s going on guys! Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will feel love with Sano Hill’s new track. A wonderfully bluesy track infused with gospel and soul that just make you wanna pick up a guitar and play, even if you don’t know how. Thrilling choruses, choir-like vocals, and even horizontal guitars with a southern touch. Let’s get to it!

If you don’t know Sano Hill, he’s an Irish musician/songwriter from Galway whose songs are inspired by life, love and loss and he has played to audiences in the US and Ireland with his work released already to critical acclaim on compilation albums. He has a powerful voice and great heart, always writing in a positive way to try and inspire anyone who listens.

“Feel Love” was written in the wake of our falling civilization: great instability, war, and potential environmental catastrophe. This song is an appeal to ‘feel love’ again, with the use of steady laidback drums, funky guitars and thrilling choruses. Even gospel organs are thrown into the mix. Sano Hill made pretty good use of his resources to create a track that lacks nothing and delivers everything.

The lyrics are spare and direct – but hopefully clear. They are inspired by what is going on today – the upcoming season of goodwill and the journeys home that many people take to family and friends is also an inspiration – but also the many millions around the world who have been forced from their homes (particularly in Ukraine but also parts of Africa, Asia and beyond) and the need to remember them also.” – Sano Hill

With a emotional finale, a bluesy solo sets the cue for the fading outro, with the words “feel love” in repeat. To me, this is one of Sano’s greatest releases yet, so you bet is gonna be good. So, listen now!


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