Dune Dogs “Higher Ground”

Love is a wonderful thing when the feeling flows both ways. That, however, is not always the case, and what one gets sometimes instead is the crushing weight of a one-sided love, spurred by the sour-sweet sight of the crush rejecting your feelings for them. Still, the undying hope of love in return keeps the love-filled person going, just like the beat in Dune Dog’s new single, which is precisely about the aforementioned situation.

This is “Higher Ground”, the story of unrequited love and the freshest arrival from the Massachusetts residents, the four-headed band named Dune Dogs. Giving an understanding window into the matters of the heart through the eyes of the rejected person, “Higher Ground” comes filled with sweet twangy guitar melodies that speak the same language as the singer’s voice, describing the sheer desperation, omnipresent hope, patience and courage of taking a step back and waiting for the response, and trying really hard not to lose your mind with it all. It’s a heart-pouring song gazing at the incredible beauty of love that is so close, yet so far and out of reach. How does one even remain sane with all of that, is beyond me.

The emotional story is surrounded by some of the freshest alt rock sounds one could hope for. There’s skilled guitar playing, well-paced percussion that’s an absolute pleasure with its details and the way it emphasizes what’s described in the lyrics, and an airy atmosphere that caresses ears yet makes the message sink right into the listener’s heart. Even the lucky rare people, who don’t really have experience with unanswered love, get to feel all of this multilayered desperation that comes with the matter.

Going back to the wonderful sound of this song, people who love surf rock and alt rock filled with new energy absolutely need to check this band out. You’ll get such vibrant and effortless atmosphere and just all-around excellent music that is not weighed down by anything stale and repeated.

“Higher Ground” is already out on your favourite platforms, so I invite you to take a listen. Also, whilst’ you’re at it, make sure to check out “Citrus“, their older song of moving on, that sounds like a busy open-air venue on a summer evening.

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