Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé “Feel The Love (Redux Version)”

Open your heart and dive into the smooth r&b waves full of loving feelings. Cris Cap has a splendid new remix of his recent single “Feel The Love”, that captures the all-encompassing state of love in the flowing atmosphere. Any and all harder edges are now completely gone – this is the Redux Version.

It often happens that two people, who have already been together for a little while, start to lose that special spark that bound them together in the first place. “Feel The Love” is a song that seeks to reinvigorate that spark and to remind of all those reasons that brought the lovers together in the first place. Built as a duet, the single shines with wonderful vocals, caressing synths, and gentle percussion that slowly makes way to a dancy groove that invites to get up and dance. At its core lives an overflowing amount of love-infused positivity reliving the feeling of falling in love all over again. And that’s what the song is all about – digging out and clearing up all those beautiful loving emotions that had started collecting that layer of grey dust, and seeing your better half just like the day you met them.

The Redux Version of “Feel The Love” is the final part of Cris Cap’s fresh EP. Featuring two songs and a remix for each, the release is a love duet EP Cris Cap has been preparing for a little while in collaboration with singer Tyla Raé, whose silky soft vocals are just perfect for soul and r&b.

Love is the main theme Cris Cap explores in his groovy r&b songs, such as “Say Yes“, a single about falling in love that digs through any hesitations and goes head-in for the new love. The German-based producer, composer, and pianist began his musical career performing all over Europe, until his love for funk, r&b, soul and jazzy pop brought the artist to start making music of his own. Relishing the power of love, Cris Cap helps the listeners find the sometimes hidden emotions and experience the full extent of love again. Lovers of r&b must not miss this artist!

“Feel The Love (Redux Version)” is out now.

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